Useful Resources

There are more tools and resources available than ever to aid in the validation, development, funding, marketing and managing of new products and businesses.

The technology entrepreneur today not only stands on the shoulders (and platforms) of giants, but locks arms with innovative peers and aggregates the minor contributions of many others, all to powerful effect.

Bootstrapping a business or prototyping a product has never been easier and the age of the lean, agile startup (and established business) has only begun.

Useful Tools & Resources

But one thing is just as true as ever: executing well depends on what and who you know. So, here we share our favorite resources: our preferred news and research sources, funding channels and work spaces, and marketing and management tools.

Also, some of the industry confabs and recurring meetup events we frequent are listed as well. They are a great way to learn, grow your network, and expand your outlook.

NOTE: This list originally included over 100 resources, articles, ideas and tools. A massive update and refresh is now in progress. Watch this space!

Resources & Links We Like

Startup & Founder Links

AVC – Always-insightful musings of NYC VC thought leader Fred Wilson

Steve Blank’s Blog – An SV heavy (but NYC original) on ‘early stage’ and many other things (and my desert island blog)

Paul Graham’s Blog – In-depth, actionable treatise on the startup; exceptional

Chris Dixon’s Blog – Read ‘lessons learned’ (still as actionable as it was in 2011)…then keep reading

Jason Calacanis – SoCal angel investor (by way of Bay Area) Jason Calacanis drops solid knowledge in print and via YT and podcasts..

Mark Cuban’s ‘My rules for startups’ – I agree with some of these rules as strongly as I disagree with others, which is why I follow Mark Cuban

Venture Hacks – Always on target, insights from team AngelList; check out Naval’s podcast while you are at it

Y Combinator Startup Library – Useful nuggets from this SV hothouse…

Networking Links

NY Tech Meetup – The undisputed, epicenter; no advance tix? do will-call T-30 mins

NJ Tech Meetup – Great presenters and networking @ Stevens in Hoboken (which rocks)

NYC Mobile Meetup – Mobile demos & panels for technologists and business-ists, both

ARNY – Augmented Reality New York – Innovation and tech-heavy(ish); AR is the topic, the crowd is real

Hack and Tell – Five-minute pitches of interesting or useful technology hacks

Lotico New York Semantic Web – Envisioning the web as “one giant database”, an initiative of the W3C

Garys Guide – Cherry-picked startup events for NYC and elsewhere. If it’s not in GG, it’s not.