Technology Atelier

Inductive Labs, at its core, is fueled by curiosity, creativity and an obsession with fixing and improving things.

The everyday problems and challenges that face individuals, organizations and communities are the fertile ground from which great ideas arise. But not all great ideas immediately find their purpose.

Inductive Labs Technology Atelier

We embrace a spirit of invention that nurtures interesting and inventive creations of all sorts. Projects vary in size, duration and domain focus, but all share a common origin in the technology atelier climate of Inductive Labs.

This environment provides a framework and valuable feedback, fostering idea generation and development. Besides nurturing creativity and inventiveness for its own sake, these projects provide opportunities for participants to become more engaged and active in the New York City technology development and start-up community.

Selected Projects

Market Meter Mobile App

This financial data and news app was developed for Thomson Reuters’ 2010 StreetApps Challenge. A six week Outreach project, this agile development effort moved rapidly from design through delivery to win Popular Choice and First Prize.

Outreach Initiatives

Inductive Labs outreach initiatives are hands-on efforts that couple talented individuals with real-world development projects. Multiple successful programs have been undertaken in the past with more to come.

Mobile Game Design

A game design training and networking event led to this game development project, producing a functional prototype of an inventive and fun mobile puzzle game. Entertainment and play is its own reward but the commercial potential here is obvious.