Startup Foundry

At Inductive Labs we find the conceiving, planning and building of startups as more than just a passion, it is an involuntary muscle spasm.

While startups bring uncertainty, a high risk of failure, and guaranteed exhaustion, they also offer the joys of conception – of creating something from nothing – and the chance to positively impact people and share in the victory of success.

Inductive Labs Startup Foundry

And there has never been a better time to launch a startup. Expertise surrounds us, informing on critical paths and warning of pit-falls. Cloud computing and open mobile and social platforms provide cheap, fertile ground from which great things can grow.

Opportunities are no longer tied to geography; location neither dictates how a business reaches its customers nor how it accesses the talent and resources it needs to expand.

Finally, despite the ever-changing state of the global economy, seed and early stage capital is plentiful. Many factors contribute to this but the simple fact is that startup costs are only going lower, which expands the field of potential seed and angel investors, and the opportunities in need of funding.

Despite all this, the information age is still in its infancy and the landscape changes daily; execution risk and challenges abound. But Inductive Labs is, in part, a response to this risk.

We find strength in our shared knowledge, experience and entrepreneurial drive, and through our joint efforts seek to build businesses stronger and faster.

Business Initiatives

eDeriv Electronic Trading Platform

A comprehensive OTC trade execution and post-trade processing platform unique in its product segment, this initiative identified severe inefficiencies in a capital markets area ripe for change. Would-be adopters include some of the largest market-makers and brokers.

Market Meter Mobile App

This financial data and news app was developed for Thomson Reuters’ 2010 StreetApps Challenge. A six week Outreach project, this agile development effort moved rapidly from design through delivery to win Popular Choice and First Prize.

Retail Shopping Mobile Product

This venture applied emerging technologies to create a compelling service and revenue thesis for an old line brick-and-mortar industry hungry for innovation; it creates new channels of consumer engagement in a highly competitive retail sector.

Trade Screening Technology

This suite of market data capture, aggregation and analysis tools provides professional trading operations decision support and idea generation utilities that cull data from multiple sources, and efficiently query, filter and report results.