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Inductive Labs is a New York-based technology business foundry and investment collective. Our interest and expertise is in problem-solving through rapid and creative ideation and applied technology. We pursue ideas and investment across a range of verticals, and focus on big, foundational problems and also seek to tap into niche, long tail opportunities.

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Class Room Empty Chairs

Future of Learning: Risks, Opportunities & Innovation in Education

The future of learning is something critical to each and every one of us. Whether you are a ...
Shreds of Ideas

Idea Theft, Copied Content and How to Protect Your Startup Idea

They were stolen ideas. How many really great ideas have you had? I’m talking about truly compelling and ...
Mail Envelopes Original Social Network

The Original Social Sharing Network: Newspaper Clippings & the Postal Service

In these exciting times, with our democratized tools of creation and distribution, building and launching a new venture ...
Long View Over Treacherous Water

Sweet Spot Between Product and Profit

Is it better to prioritize product (and the traction it drives) or profitability...or is there a path between ...
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The Risks of Being First: eDeriv OTC Trading Platform

It was early 2010 and the world was just starting to mop up from the last financial disaster ...
NYC Downtown Street - eDeriv Technologies

Market Meter: A Study in Rapid Iteration and Lean Development

The Market Meter mobile app was a financial markets and news application developed by the Inductive Labs team ...

Startup Foundry & Incubator

New business development and startup incubation is a central focus of the Inductive Labs crew. For both in-house cultivation and strategic partnerships, we aim to identify needs and opportunities then conceive, develop and deliver solutions. With so many new and expanding markets and existing sectors ripe for change, there is no shortage of problems in need of solutions (and associated opportunities).

Business Development & Investment

The Inductive Labs collective also makes seed-stage through growth round investments into new or growing private companies. Its focus traverses a broad range of technology sub-sectors including capital markets fintech, social/mobile applications, Internet commerce, big data solutions, edutech and green tech/sustainability. Market/opportunity analysis and investment research and advisory services are also available in select areas.