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Inductive Labs is a New York-based technology business foundry and investment group. Our interest and expertise is in problem-solving through radical, creative ideation and applied technology. We pursue ideas and investment across a range of verticals, and which take on both big, foundational problems as well as tap niche, long tail opportunities.

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Startup Foundry

New business development and incubation is a primary focus of the Inductive Labs collective. Through in-house cultivation and strategic partnerships, members identify needs and opportunities, then conceive, develop and deliver solutions to new markets and existing sectors ripe for change.

Technology Atelier

Special initiatives and short-term projects are an important part of the mix at Inductive Labs. Whether it’s a development competition, an outreach event, or just an interesting technology hack, such personal and group exploration ultimately benefits our team members, partners and clients.

Business Consultancy

The Inductive Labs consultancy delivers technology design, development and implementation services to nascent and established businesses. Research and advisory services provide market and opportunity analysis in the areas of financial services, digital and broadcast media, and consumer retail.