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Resources Commons ImageThere has never been so many tools and resources available to aid in the validation, development, funding, marketing and managing of new products and businesses. The technology entrepreneur today not only stands on the shoulders (and platforms) of giants, but locks arms with innovative peers and aggregates the minor contributions of many others, all to powerful effect. Bootstrapping a business or prototyping a product has never been easier and the age of the lean, agile startup (and mature business) has only begun.

But one thing is just as true as ever: executing well depends on what and who you know. So, here we share our favorite resources: our preferred news and research sources, funding channels and work spaces, and marketing and management tools. Also, some of the industry confabs and recurring meetup events we frequent are listed as well. They are a great way to learn, grow your network, and expand your outlook. Hope to see you there!

Resources & Links We Like

Startup & Founder Links

Fred Wilson leads the NYC brain trust in always-insightful conversation
Steve Blank’s Blog
An SV heavy (but NYC original) on ‘early stage’
Paul Graham’s Blog
In-depth, actionable treatise on the startup
Ben Horowitz’s Blog
Read Ben (and the rest of the AH gang)
Chris Dixon’s Blog
Read ‘lessons learned’…then keep reading
Gabriel Weinberg’s Blog
Highly readable startup guidance…
Venture Hacks
Always on target, insights from team AngelList
500 Startups X Quora
Q&A with the clever crowd at 500 Startups
Fast Company
Some great features, worth watching
Venture Hacks X SlideShare
Curl up with some great VH decks
Y Combinator Startup Library
Some useful nuggets…
How To Save Money Running a Startup
Startup Rules… This list from Jason Calacanis..
The Way Companies Are Getting Financed Is Completely Changing
Excellent overview of alternative funding; great Kickstarter infographic
Convertable Notes Financing 101 for Startups
Exhaustive discussion; valuable read for any pre-funded entrepreneur
Mark Cuban’s ‘My rules for startups’
And this from his friend, Mark Cuban
9 Twitter Accounts Every Startup Investor Should Follow
Getting the most from twitter means selective following
Creating an Entrepreneurial Startup Culture
Some nice (if not all actionable) ideas
Ten Tips On How To Work With Your Board Of Directors
Good tip list on an under-discussed topic
Getting Started as a Non-Technical Founder
Good wrap on rolling your own
25 Best Startup Failure Post-Mortems…
Failure is not the opposite of success
Monitor110: A Post Mortem
VCs rarely share their fails…Thanks, Roger

Networking Links

Developers For Good
Doing good, with the fewest lines of code possible
NY Tech Meetup
The undisputed, epicenter; no advance tix? do will-call T-30 mins
NJ Tech Meetup
Great presenters and networking @ Stevens in Hoboken (which rocks)
Ultra Light Startups
Casual & bootstrap-focused, open pitch policy; food too
NYC Mobile Meetup
Mobile demos & panels for technologists and business-ists, both
ARNY – Augmented Reality New York
Innovation and tech-heavy(ish); AR is the topic, the crowd is real
New York Tech Mixer
Relaxed pitching alongside drinks & networking in a pub environment
Like Tech Mixer, pitch and drink; a long-standing meetup
NYC Tech Talks
Coders & testers on problems & solutions
Hack and Tell
Five-minute pitches of interesting or useful technology hacks
NYC Predictive Analytics
Engineers & entrepreneurs on applied machine learning
Lotico New York Semantic Web
Envisioning the web as “one giant database”, an initiative of the W3C
NYC Music Technology Meetup
Product pitches and panels; offers exciting sounds with verbal views
Apartment Therapy Design Evenings
Product & furniture designers, entrepreneurs, hackers…a la NYTM
General Assembly
Startup hot spot offers good vibes and cheap events
Garys Guide
Cherry-picked startup events for NYC and elsewhere

New York City Links

NY Convergence
So much local tech it takes tri-states to contain it
We Are NY Tech
NYC tech and tech biz look book
David B. Lerner’s Blog
Hard lessons from the director of Columbia University Venture Lab
Aviary founder, Michael Galpert’s blog
Notes and views from the epicenter
O’Reilly Radar
How data and open government are transforming NYC
VC Awakens in the City that Never Sleep
An early headsup on the current NY tech startup trend
Bonnie’s periodic communiqués are always informative
Start-Up Nation: The Atlantic Special Report
Other examples of why Silicon Valley ain’t all that…

(NY) Incubators, Accelerators & Coworking Spaces

Regular programs and hackathons; from Columbia & NYU faculty
First Growth Venture Network
No-equity, early stage development program
Founder Labs
Pre-incubator (non-investment) program with a mobile focus
Entrepreneur’s Roundtable Accelerator
Fred Wilson among many great mentors
Smart team, diverse investors and impressive portfolio says it all
Well-established, hyper-local NYC incubator
TechStars Network
A force for good, on 4 continents; now in NYC so they’re cool too
Early stage seed with public funding (eg NYC Investment Fund) backbone
FinTech Innovation Lab
NYCIF/VC/bank mash-up focused on financial technology startups
NYC SeedStart
Multi-VC program; ad, e-commerce and digital media focus
DreamIt Ventures
Includes gov and vc $; Philly-based (hey, they’re neighbors)
Loose Cubes Workspace Marketplace
Search site for coworking and shared space
CB List of NYC Coworking Spaces
Solid list of NYC spots with costs and overviews
Dogpatch Labs
VC-backed but, on approval, open to anyone entrepreneurishly inclined
EyeBeam Art & Technology Center, NYC
Less coworking space than creative oasis for the parched artist in you

Watch & Listen

8 Digital Trends Shaping the Future of Media
Cashmore’s trend fly-by, a thought-provoking view of the year ahead.
Bootstrapping An App Startup With No Programming Experience
Forget home runs; go for singles and doubles with a ‘portfolio’ approach
Eric Ries X Hackers & Founders
Anecdotes and insights beyond just lean startups
Jack Ma’s Talk at the Stanford China 2.0
Get your head out your red, white and blue!
This week in Startups: Dave McClure
Great intro to an uber-angel and incubator innovator
Aquire Jason C’s taste and follow this series…
This Week In Venture Capital: Matt Coffin
Q&A and career in review with a smart guy; check other episodes too
Pivotal Labs Tech Talks
Extensive library of tech presentations from Agile to OptimiZation
Scoble is podcast, from ‘cell phone only’ to full video, it’s all good
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
How techs, mgrs can approach problems differently
Derek Sivers: How to start a movement
The first follower is (a) form of leadership
Minute Physics
A little something about the universe

Cool Folks Doing Cool Things

Donors Choose
Out of Harlem, funding education nation-wide and direct to classrooms
Doing good… It’s a good thing
Fred Wilson Interviews Carlota Perez
Perez directly influenced the Union Square Ventures investment thesis
…view the slideshare:
Fred Wilson/Carlota Perez Talk
A desert island blog roll must
12 Years of Randomness, Ended
Thoughtful musings of a departing MS developer
The HoPE Manifesto: How I Taught Myself to Code
Nate Westheimer of NYTM fame on taking control
Mick Ebeling X TED
Mick Ebeling: The invention that unlocked a locked-in artist
New devices…from Brooklyn, baby!
A Magazine Is an iPad That Does Not Work
UX insights from a 1 year-old

Power Tools

NYC Work Space
NextNY digital’s list of NYC coworking and office spaces
Steve Blank Tools Page
The desert island tools page
Web Startup Lean LaunchPad
A startup process walk-through
Stack Exchange for startup queries
Open tech company & investor database
Gust – Investor Relations Platform
Silicon Alley patriarch, David Rose’s gift to the startup world
Angel List
There’s gold in them thar hills…
CB Insights
Financing and deal data overload
CB Funding Recommendation Engine
Funding decision engine from CB
Market research on the cheap
Internet Archive
The internet archive…really, it’s all there
Pattern Tap
Voluminous UI design showcases
UI Patterns
Showcases patterns, discusses usage, issues and objectives
Community-sourced, design marketplace
99 Designs
Bid-driven design buying
HARO – Help a Reporter Out
PR karma happening on a daily basis
Stack Overflow
Beloved tech Q&A super site
Powerful, widely used tool for sharing code (and other things:)

Technology Development Links

Hyper-uber-mega-tech info source and hang-out
Inside views of tech, security, and open source software
Independent, bootstrapped, tech news aggregator
Android Central
Everything Android and mobile tech
iPhone and Apple news and views
BroadBand Reports
Tech news and opinions with a connectivity spin
Consumer electronics, gadgets and toys
MIT MediaLab
Keep tabs on tomorrow’s brightest
Technology for Good
Technology should be a force for good

Technology Business Links
Venture news from upstarts to biggies; good competition resource too
Jason Calacanis’s tasty mix of emerging tech and startup news
Influential tech and start-up (AOL-owned) blog
Social Media news and tech
Back of the Envelope
J. Wegener’s on technology and business/marketing strategy

Design Links

UX Mag
Deep dives into user experience
Smashing Magazine
A hugely valuable design reference
Six Revisions
Lots of practical, actionable design stuff
Web Design Practices
A quantitative look at design elements, practices, and patterns
Signal vs. Noise
37Signals’ musings on design, tech and biz
Boxes & Arrows
The art and science of UI design; case studies, interviews and podcasts
UI Scraps
Blog highlights the bad along with the good
Experience Blogger
Spotlighting the building blocks of UX design
Pattern Tap
Voluminous UI design showcases
UI Patterns
Showcases patterns, discusses usage, issues and objectives
User Interface Engineering
Resources from UI designer and expert professional organization

Marketing Links

Hacking brands
Darren Herman’s Blog
Marketing, media & tech conversations
Original go-to source for all things online marketing
eMarketer Blog
Mounds of useful articles and resources
Mobile Marketer
The only mobile marketing news source you’ll ever need
AdWeek top lists and fringe items
Media Post
A wealth of segment-specific resources for your next big niche play
Good to keep an eye on the view from the top
Major provider of site performance data
Another major provider of site performance data
Internet Advertising Bureau
Online marketing industry association

Idea Instigators

James Altucher Confidential
An always thought-provoking writer/entrepreneur
The 99%
Life and work, more productive and positive
TED Blog
What more can be said, about TED?
Culture jammers questioning corporate control
A tapestry of ideas…patterns emerge over time
Business and the humanities through a global lens
Project Syndicate
Insights & ideas from forward thinkers
Creative Class
Richard Florida gathers great minds at…
Our fave feed for data visualization
US Debt Clock
The clock is ticking…
You think YOU have problems?

Markets & Economics Links

Financial Visualizations
Market data, screening tools and more
15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Inequality
Still wondering what OWS is about?
Must-read, guilty pleasure news source…
All the market news that’s fit to click
Seeking Alpha
Great source for independent market views
Abnormal Returns
Information-rich investment blog
Infectious Greed
Paul Kedrosky on Finance & the Money Culture
Howard Lindzon
A StockTwits founder’s view on markets and business
Mike Mayo X DealBreaker
The only bank sector analyst you need to follow
Skeptical (and anonymous) take on finance, economics and politics