Upcoming Outreach Programs

Inductive Labs is continually developing new curricula and topic tracks for upcoming Outreach programs. We are now accepting applications and looking to put together teams of participants for upcoming projects. You will work independently and as part of a group meeting periodically over a compressed development cycle, and walk away with differentiating experience and valuable, new relationships.

What active participants get…
- Practical software development & problem solving experience
- Full involvement in the software development life cycle
- Exposure to emerging technologies and implementations utilizing service-oriented architecture
- In-depth presentations and networking opportunities with veteran professionals and domain experts from various technology and business sectors
- Paid/Un-paid experience for short- to medium-term engagements

What ideal candidates have…
- A Computer Science or Engineering background (Undergrad or Grad, current or previous)
- The ability to sample your programming talents or product development capabilities
- The capacity for multi-tasking & quality results, both working individually and within a team
- A demonstrable attention to detail and programming best-practices

If you don’t perfectly fit this description don’t worry. We value effort and performance more than experience. So, go ahead…Apply Now.