"Inside the Launch Control Center" - Inductive Labs OutreachInductive Labs Outreach initiatives are project-based educational programs that offer students and post-graduates an opportunity to gain knowledge and acquire hands-on experience with emerging technologies and real-world applications.

Participants work in small groups, typically of two to four participants, learning and collaborating over one to four or more weeks. While every project is different, each utilizes popular software tool-kits and  frameworks, and follows development practices that model real-world scenarios.  Participants learn and apply practical technologies and experience the product development process beyond the book, better preparing them for today’s challenging job marketplace as well as providing invaluable networking opportunities. Inductive Labs Outreach also offers ongoing mentorship from experts across disciplines and industries, and in areas specific to their Outreach project.

Following two highly successful programs, we are planning our next Outreach project for Fall 2011.

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